Nautically Inspired Artwork for the Chelsea Clock Collector

Whether you're aspiring to own a Chelsea or already have a notable collection, these pieces will pair perfectly with our handcrafted clocks. crashingwaves “Crashing Waves,” Katie Brennan for Williams-Sonoma

With its vibrant blue hues and dark, ever-changing waters, the ocean's surface has long fascinated artist Katie Brennan, who captures its rippled, reflective body of currents in this set of six seascapes. The giclée-printed reproductions highlight the smooth strokes and luminous hues that make up the works. We love how they bring a cool quality and subtle movement to static spaces.

Pair it with the Limited Edition Mariner. “Miami Beach Blue and Red Chairs,” by Gray Malin

At the moment, Gray Malin is Hollywood’s “It” artist. His aerial photographs of beaches far and wide are shot from doorless helicopters, resulting in playful celebrations of light and perspective, meant to evoke feelings of summer bliss. We love the traditional pops of blue and red in this Miami Beach seascape.

Pair it with the Constitution clock in nickel. nauticalflags “Framed Nautical Flags,” Pottery Barn

Nautical flags have long allowed seafaring vessels to communicate with one another. First commissioned by the British Board of Trade in 1855, each of these nylon flags represents a letter of the alphabet. We love the crisp linen mats and the bold, graphic texture of the flags.

Pair it with the Voyager clock & barometer set. roundingthemark “Rounding the Mark,” by Breakwater Bay for Wayfair

This beautiful painting reproduction on canvas features a calm-inducing fleet of colorful sailboats dancing across open blue waters. We love that it comes in three sizes at reasonable price points.

Pair it with the Carbon Fiber Flag clock in brass.