Law School Graduation Gift Ideas

If you're looking for a graduation gift for a recent law school grad that will endure, Chelsea Clock, with more than 120 years of horological experience, can assist. A present from Chelsea Clock is a great way to mark a significant occasion and create lasting memories. 

Our stylish hand-finished, lacquered clocks, crafted from materials such as solid forged brass, employ German quartz or high-precision mechanical movements. The level of skill and attention to detail that goes into every piece we create makes our timepieces exceptional custom graduation gifts. And best of all, these gifts will be cherished for years, then handed down to the next generation.

Here are a few graduation gift ideas for law school grads (or other disciplines) from celebrated institutions.

Presidential Clock in Brass
Presidential Clock in Brass

Harvard University and MIT

If a family friend or loved one is about to graduate from Harvard University or Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), we have a special line of handmade clocks dedicated to these institutions. Our Boardroom Clock in Brass with a three-inch dial and quartz movement, nestled in an exquisite mahogany box, features an engraved Harvard University Veritas Shield (inside lid). This Boardroom Clock makes the perfect token of affection and appreciation for a diligent student.

Soon-to-be (or recent) MIT grads will cherish our chiming 4 1/2" Ship's Bell Clock, Traditional Base that features an 11-jewel movement and the MIT insignia on the white dial. Whenever a successful grad glances at this polished timepiece, they will likely recall fond memories of campus life. This sophisticated timepiece with a hinged bezel and brass case is also available with the Harvard Veritas Shield.

Personalized Timepiece Sample
Personalized Timepiece Sample

Personalized Graduation Engraving Options

When you're shopping for unique graduation gifts, keep in mind that Chelsea Clock offers brass and nickel personalized graduation engraving plates. This means that a clock-themed present commemorating the student and college can be tailor-made to reflect the graduate's unique university experience.

Engraved plates can be affixed to most clock bases from double bases featured on our handsome 4 1/2" Ship's Bell Clock and Barometer in Brass to the single black base that comes with our distinguished nickel Carbon Fiber 12-Hour Clock.

With an assortment of timepieces that can be customized, we offer the opportunity to engrave a heartfelt personal graduation message directly onto the chronometer. Choose from such options as straight line engraving that lets you etch a note onto a clock's case or plate. If one of our signature Ship's Bell Clocks, such as the 4 1/2" Ship's Bell Nickel with Mahogany Base mantel clock, caught your fancy as a potential keepsake gift, we can engrave a company or university logo onto the dial of this elegant timepiece.

Unique Law School Graduation Gifts

With a variety of handcrafted clocks and mechanical nautical instruments to select from, along with the ability to engrave base plates, you'll discover many thoughtful graduation gifts among our collection of precision timepieces.

The ability to etch personalized messages, logos or mottos that represent an institution or an educational milestone onto a timepiece helps ensure that a custom graduation gift from Chelsea Clock, America’s premier clockmaker since 1897, will be appreciated for decades to come.