Lasting Impressions: Creative Gift Engraving Ideas

ChartWeight_R&DA Chelsea timepiece, barometer or compass can be a wonderful, memorable gift for any occasion. And custom engraving can make it an even more personal and thoughtful gift – especially when adding a creative, unexpected touch.

Here are just a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing: Dates – Engraving the date is an excellent way to mark a special occasion. For anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and retirements it’s a given. But couples might consider giving each other an anniversary gift with the date of, well, the very first date, or the day he or she popped the big question. Likewise, for retirement gifts, consider adding dates of major milestones and promotions, in addition to the date of retirement. (By the way, Chelsea offers U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps insignia clocks, which are perfect gifts for anyone joining or retiring from the service.) Quotes - Famous – or not so famous – quotes are a wonderful way to create an unforgettable gift. For the sailor, perhaps a line from the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (“The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”) or Walt Whitman (“O Captain! My Captain!). Or for the business executive or retiree, consider a quote from a corporate speech or the company’s motto or slogan. Quoting poems, song lyrics, dialogue from favorite movies or novels – even personal words of wisdom – are all ideal ways to touch the heart and soul of the recipient. Locations – Where in the world did that special moment become a lifelong memory? Why not mark the location on a lasting gift? For newlyweds or anniversary couples, think about engraving the city or town in which they met, married or honeymooned. Welcome new homeowners with a gift engraved with the address and city. Or say Happy Birthday with a clock engraved with the date and place of birth. Of course, you can go the traditional route of naming the city or state, or get creative and engrave longitude and latitude coordinates (this can be especially nice when engraved on a nautical compass!). Names & Monograms – What’s more personal than a name? Add someone’s full name, nickname or initials to any gift and it forever becomes “their gift.” For a Father’s Day or birthday gift for dad, think about adding the names of kids or grandkids. Initials or monograms are a wonderful touch for birthday presents, wedding gifts and bridal party gifts. And for business awards, add the recipient’s name to the date and title of the award. Logos & Artwork - In addition to words and dates, engraving a gift with simple artwork is a terrific way to make it unique. Add a company logo to business awards or retirement gifts. Or congratulate the high school or college grad with a gift that proudly displays his or hers school insignia. Very crisp, clean black and white drawings can often be translated into engraving, depending on complexity. So, for instance, a child’s first signature or school drawing could grace a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift. At Chelsea Clock, the possibilities for customized engraving are limited only by your imagination. So be creative! Personalize your Chelsea gift in a way that will surely delight the recipient and guarantee it will be cherished for years to come.