Largest Exhibit of Famed Carver John Haley Bellamy Includes Chelsea’s Bellamy Eagle Clock

Chelsea Clock Limited Edition American Eagle Series

We are proud to announce that the largest and most dramatic exhibit of works by New England woodcarver John Haley Bellamy will include Chelsea Clock's Bellamy Eagle Clock – a limited edition timepiece, hand carved by West Newbury, Massachusetts, sculptor Vincent Harrild. The exhibit, entitled “Bold & Brash: The Art of John Haley Bellamy,” opens April 3 at the Discover Portsmouth museum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and runs until October 3, 2014.

The Bellamy exhibit explores the life and work of the man best known for his iconic and highly collectible American eagle carvings. Showcasing original Bellamy eagles loaned from private collectors, the exhibit also includes the artist’s carving tools, childhood sketches, plaques, books and other rare objects. A select number of imitation carvings by 20th-century artisans are also part of this fascinating retrospective.

The exhibit marks the centennial of Bellamy’s death and is highlighted by the release of a comprehensive and colorful new hardcover book by exhibit curator James Craig. American Eagle: The Bold Art and Brash Life of John Haley Bellamy (Portsmouth Marine Society Press) debunks many myths, uncovers the secrets, and explores the legacy of the successful Yankee artist from Kittery Point, Maine.

Widely considered the pinnacle of American woodcarving, eagles by John Haley Bellamy (1836-1914) rank among such hallowed national symbols as the Statue of Liberty, the White House, and Old Glory.

Hand carved by Harrild from 150-year-old reclaimed eastern white pine, the Chelsea Clock Bellamy Eagle timepiece pays homage to this revered woodcarver. The artist has employed many of the same master carving techniques as Bellamy to carefully reveal the rich character and subtle narrative of his design, including time-honored methods of hand-applied pigment patination and meticulous 23-karat-gold leafing. The Bellamy Eagle clock, which features a 4.5” Ship’s Bell mechanical clock, is hand signed by Harrild and sequentially numbered. Learn more about this limited edition timepiece.