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We've been hearing from so many of you lately -- on everything from our move to the new factory to your personal stories about your heirloom Chelseas and beyond -- that we wanted to share some of your words and encourage others to join the discussion. We love hearing from you and value your opinions and feedback more than you'll ever know. Thanks, and keep the comments coming!
I grew up a short distance from the factory on Everett Ave. As a child, my Dad, a Navy veteran and longtime Chelsea Police Sgt., would explain the esteemed and significant history and reliability of Chelsea Clock products, and the dedicated staff that creates them. Many years later and after forty years of service to Chelsea at 9-1-1 Communication center, I have recently become a proud owner of two Chelsea clocks and a barometer, fulfilling a life long wish. I have just finished reading Demeter's history of Chelsea Clock and found it fascinating and compelling. I wish all of you at the company a happy New Year as you begin the next 100 + years at your new digs. And although the original factory possesses a history and mystique that can never be replicated, efficient management and skilled, dedicated employees are the key to creating the world class product that is second to none. Regards, Richard Smith, Chelsea, Ma.
Just got my 66-year-old Chelsea Ship’s Bell clock with wheel after a complete restoration. I was totally blown away by how beautiful and absolutely brand-new this vintage clock looks and operates! The finish is spectacular, looking as if it had just been sold for the first time. The accuracy and functionality of the work is incredible! This clock was a family heirloom that was presented to my father in 1947. It will serve me well and I expect it to remain in the family for generations to come. Thank you, Chelsea Clock, for such masterful work! Robert Whitehurst Capt. USN (ret)
I thoroughly enjoy my Chelsea Ship's Bell clock. I was first inspired by my Grandfather’s. I always loved hearing it tick and chime on the hours and halves. When I found myself back in Maine as and adult, I knew I needed to have one. I was excited to see them in the jewelry store in Salem, MA. I purchased it, and enjoy it now as I did then, except with more fond memories with the sound and working of it through time. Thank you, and the best of good fortune in your new space.
We are envious of the fun and great opportunity you have undertaken in the moving of the old factory of the Chelsea Clock Co. It will be wonderful to have your own building. Great Idea, having the tower clock on top like an old 19th century factory; really adds class and character of a bygone era.
James and David Roberts, Clockfolk of New England, Wilmington

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