How to Decorate a Yacht with Clocks

Decorating a yacht can be as simple or complicated as you make it. But really, it isn't much different than decorating your home — with one key divergence. Your yacht interior design should reflect your personal taste and be a comfortable space you'd like to spend time in, but it should also be laced with function. Even with a super yacht, you're working with limited space that could hit rough waters and throw all the cabin accents you thought were a good idea to the ground.
decor for yachts

A carbon fiber clock and barometer on a double base makes excellent decor for yachts

Functional doesn't have to mean boring. Chelsea Clock has more than 120 years of experience crafting handsome nautical clocks and instruments for both consumers and U.S. government agencies. Merging both form and function, the Ship's Bell clock is our premier timepiece and has served on important vessels. You can even add a piece of maritime history to your yacht's cabin wall with an antique nautical clock, expertly refurbished by our team of clock professionals. Shop all available vintage and antique clocks and Ship's Bell clocks. Are you an active service member or veteran? Chelsea Clock has a long tradition of crafting U.S Navy clocks, a history we continue to pay homage to with special U.S. Navy clocks decorated with the U.S. Navy crest.
decor for yachts

A WWII military-style Patriot Deck Tide Instrument is stylish and functional

If you like a vintage look but want new decor for a yacht, consider a Patriot Deck piece. The barometers, tide instruments, and clocks are inspired by the design of Chelsea Clock's original 1940s WWII military-style deck clock. The case is made from a high-impact, heat-resistant black resin that stands up to both time and the elements. Shop the full Patriot Collection, or see our full collection of barometers and tide clocks.
decor for yachts

Accent pieces, like this Boardroom Clock, can also be functional

Don't forget the small stuff when decorating a yacht. Position a smaller clock or compass, like the Boardroom Clock or the Chart Weight Compass, in a nook to double down on the beautiful view. Many of our desktop clocks double as stunning accents for yacht decor. Shop all the desktop clocks and compasses.

For more yacht interior design inspiration, shop and view our nautical gifts, clock and barometer sets, or full collection of nautical clocks.