How expensive is it to repair an authentic Chelsea Clock?

For over a century, Chelsea Clock has built a reputation for creating some of the most beautiful, long-lasting and reliable clocks in the world. In fact, our clocks are often passed down from one generation to the next. However, nothing can last forever - at least, not without a little maintenance now and then. Even with proper home care, your clock from Chelsea Clock will likely need to be professionally repaired at some point to restore its looks or functionality.

Chelsea Clock is staffed by master clockmakers who have trained for years to restore all kinds of clocks, including, of course, Chelsea Clocks. Are you in need of a Chelsea Clock repair or restoration? Are you concerned about what the cost of the repair might be? Here's what you should know about our repair and restoration services.

Free Repair Estimate with No Obligation

Every clock has its own unique issues that need to be addressed. Ergo, it is impossible to provide an estimate of how much your repair will cost without knowing exactly what needs fixing in your Chelsea Clock. That's why our team of master clock repairers will provide a free estimate of what repairs your clock requires, with no obligation. Just fill out a form detailing what's wrong with your clock. Then, ship the form with your clock to our facility so we can thoroughly inspect your clock and provide you with an estimate.

Repairs and Restorations Meant to Last

Repair work that goes beyond fixing present issues and includes steps to prevent future problems can save you time and money in the long run. Chelsea Clocks are complex pieces of machinery, but our expert team of clockmakers know the most common issues that tend to arise over time. Our standard mechanical timepiece repair service is a labor-intensive procedure that includes everything from disassembling the components and giving them an ultrasonic cleaning, to replacing or refurbishing worn-out or damaged components, to oiling, regulating and accuracy-testing movement and strike functions. Our painstaking process can help eliminate any issues your clock is experiencing while also helping to ensure it continues to last for decades to come.

Satisfaction Guaranteed and a Two-Year Warranty

We proudly stand by our repair and restoration work. In fact, we offer a full two-year warranty on all parts and services. We also promise professionally packed and insured UPS shipping on your clock's return trip. From the moment it arrives in our hands, you can trust that we will treat your prestigious Chelsea Clock with the care that it deserves.

Reach out to Chelsea Clock with Questions

Do you have a Chelsea Clock that requires repair or restoration services? Contact our team today to discuss the best repair options for your clock. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have about your clock and specific repair and restoration services we provide.