Holiday Gift Ideas Quality Clocks

Every year at the holidays, our customers tell us about the traditions in their families. We are honored to be a part of some of those rituals. Be it the sound of their Chelsea mantel clock striking midnight on Christmas, or the first gift of a Chelsea Clock to a new generation in the family, we are proud to be there with them at the holidays.

This year, we have several clocks in our store that are great for gift giving at the holidays. You can buy them here online or find them in our list of fine retailers across the country.

If you are looking for the perfect clock for that perfect someone, here are some ideas to get you going - and all of these clocks are on special with complimentary shipping. Happy Holidays!


Long regarded as Chelsea's signature timepiece, the Ship's Bell is renowned by mariners and collectors world wide.

Available in three sizes: 4.5, 6 and 8.5 inch dials. Forged solid brass case, hinged bezel, deeply etched hand silvered dial. The Ship’s Bell mechanism is hand-crafted here in Chelsea Massachusetts, and consists of 364 brass and gold plated Chelsea-made parts with an 11 jewel clock movement. Strikes the traditional ship’s bell code – one bell for each half hour on a four hour watch.


Chelsea clocks and barometers are made of heavy solid brass forgings designed to last for generations. Chelsea uses more brass than any other clock manufacturer in the world. The 6" Ships Bell Clock for example, contains up to seven pounds of solid brass, most of which is the casing, forged (not cast) from a single chunk of metal to provide maximum protection from rust and corrosion. The high quality and volume of brass also accounts for the distinctive bell tone of the Ship's Bell Strike.


Fashioned after the Hancock, a vintage model desktop clock Chelsea produced from 1928-1934, the Dartmouth is a contemporary version of the earlier classic. Solid brass case and base, individually hand buffed, polished and lacquered to a flawless tarnish-resistant finish. Precision-made interlocking parts control the swivel style case, featuring hand-silvered brass dial, etched numerals, period European hands and beveled glass. Mounted on a three tiered, felt lined round base. Beautifully designed and crafted to maintain integrity for generations to enjoy, the Dartmouth was recently chosen by the White House to gift diginitaries abroad. See Dartmouth Clock with Presidential Seal and Signature.



Looking for a more modern rendition of a classic clock? A sophisticated marriage of nautical style and elegant watch design, the Carbon Fiber 12 Hour Clock features a 4.5 inch face, sport hand, a precision etched dial and enameled numerals one through twelve. Durable carbon fiber material adds a unique accent to the clock dial. Forged solid brass, chrome finish. Streamlined sport screw bezel. Mounted on handcrafted black contemporary base.



Perfect gift for a Naval veteran! Authentic reproduction of Chelsea Clock’s original WWII era navy engine room deck clock. Found on thousands of navy vessels dating back to the early 1900s. The case is custom made from phenolic, a durable, heat resistant resin designed to last for decades. While brass is the typical material used to make a Chelsea clock, the company turned to phenolic during war time due to the metals shortage. Packaged in a vintage style wooden crate, a reproduction of early packaging dating back to the 1900s. Click here to see product packaging.


Forged brass case with a quartz movement that has alarm function, this is a great gift for a young person - give them their first Chelsea!



Compasses have long been given as gifts to friends, families and sweethearts as a symbol of constancy, direction and sense of finding one's way home. Our compasses are solid brass and have been used by mariners for centuries to guide them on long journeys at sea.


All of our clocks can be engraved to personalize your gift.