Customer Spotlight: Officer Frazier Langley's Mechanical Deck Clock


Recently I had my U.S. Navy Deck clock repaired. I learned from the certificate of origin that the clock is now 70 years old and I have had it for 45 of those years. I was in the Navy, and shortly after going aboard the USS Power DD-839, I was assigned to dump trash into a dumpster on the pier. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this clock still mounted to a board in the dumpster, which was located by the pier right near the parking lot where I parked my car. I thought, Well I'm not throwing away that clock, so I decided to go dumpster diving and retrieve it. I got my tools out of my truck and I removed the clock from the board and put it in the trunk of my car. I should have kept the board, too, but I threw it in the dumpster as ordered. The glass in the front was not broken but the clock would not run. I boxed it up and carried it home with me when I went on leave. While serving my time on active duty, my parents moved several times and the clock was lost. After they passed away, I was cleaning out their attic and found the clock still in the box that I had put it in. A few months ago, after 45 years, I decided to have it repaired so that I could use it. Well this clock has been a delight for me -- having it restored and bringing back all the memories associated with it -- seeing it every day. To me it's more precious than gold, silver or platinum.


Former Petty Officer 2nd Class Frazier W. Langley, EM2