Customer Spotlight | Kerry C. McKenna's Tiffany Ship's Bell Clock

I received my 10-inch brass Tiffany Presentation Chelsea Clock as a retirement gift from Burmah Oil Tankers in 1983, following 10 years of service in the Orient. Burmah Oil, an English Oil Company, is the founder of British Petroleum, and the first company to discover oil in the Middle East. I was responsible for the operation of their eight-ship fleet of 125,000 M3 Liquefied Natural Gas Tankers (picture attached) trading between loading ports in North Sumatra or East Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) and discharge ports in Nagoya, Himeji, Osaka and Kita-Kyushu Japan. This was the largest American Flag fleet trading foreign-to-foreign in the world. During my tenure, over 1,000 cargoes were safely delivered on schedule. Ultimately, the fleet delivered well over 3,000 cargos without incident.

My Chelsea proudly sits on my mantle as a constant reminder of the quality, reliability and beauty of American-made products (from ships to clocks). I have had it serviced once in 32 years; it runs perfectly just like me - I am 68 years old today.

Thanks for a magnificent product that means the world to me!


Kerry C. McKenna - President McKeown Development Company., Ltd