What to Look For When Your Clock Needs Repairs

Every day we receive clocks that require our care. A well adjusted clock will run tip top for many years, but like all things requires service from time to time. We suggest having your mechanical clock serviced every 7-10 years. Our expert clock technicians provide clock repair and restoration services for both Chelsea and hundreds of other clock brands. Some of the most common service requests by our customers include…
  • Clock starts running fast or slow
  • Chimes stop or are out of sequence
  • Case or dial needs refinishing
  • Glass is cracked and needs to be replaced

There are four important things to consider before deciding where to have your antique clock serviced…

1. EXPERIENCE & REPUTATION: How long has a clock maker been in business, what is their background, and do they specialize in certain types of clocks?

At Chelsea Clock, we have been manufacturing and repairing clocks right here in Chelsea Massachusetts since 1897. There is no one who knows our clocks better than us! We are one of the few remaining original clock companies in America, and the only to offer a branded clock repair service. Our clock repair and restoration technicians are among the finest clock technicians in the country.

They have studied at and apprenticed with the best schools and clock makers all over the world, and maintain nationally recognized certifications to keep their skills current with changes in the industry. In addition to servicing clocks made by Chelsea, they have a wide range of clock making and repair skills for instruments manufactured by hundreds of other makers.

2. KNOWLEDGE: Does the clock maker know your particular clock, how it works, and how to fix it?

At Chelsea Clock, we can fix almost any mechanical clock you send our way. The unique skill set required to repair a Chelsea is passed down through generations, from one technician to the next. Many of the clocks we fix are our own Chelsea Clocks. We've had clocks come back for repair 50 years after we made them and had people in the factory here recognize them. That's how well we know our clocks. But our experience does not stop with Chelsea - we also service many other timepieces from different manufacturers such as Seth Thomas, Waterbury, Ansonia, Sessions and Ingraham to name a few. Click here to see a complete list of clock brands we are skilled in servicing. If you have another brand clock, give us a call. We can walk through your needs, source or make parts if need be. We know our clocks.

3. PARTS: Sometimes antique clocks require specific parts that clock makers don't keep in stock all the time, so it can take months to get your clock back.

Since we make many of our parts here on premises, we can assure you we will be able to fix your Chelsea clock in a timely fashion. We also have a team of specialists to help us with cosmetic work such as hand painted dials, reverse glass painting, refurbishing of wood clock bases and brass clock cases, custom glass and specialty metal finishes such as copper and chrome.

4. PRICE & TIME: Time and money are always a factor when deciding who to go to for clock repair.

Each clock we receive is assessed for work and parts needed to restore back to original function and condition. Most start with a basic overhaul price (similar to a tune up for your car) which is dependent on the model and vintage of movement.

We do know how much our customers treasure their clocks and while there is no such thing as a clock emergency, we will do our best to have your clock repaired and returned within 6-10 weeks. Who better to repair your Chelsea clock than the people who originally built it? Our technicians take great pride in the work they do. And since we make many of our parts here on premises, there is no "middle man" adding unnecessary costs to the parts we use to repair your clock.

We welcome you to send your clock to us for repair. Just click here to fill out the repair request form. A free estimate will be sent to you 7-10 days from the date in which your item is received. Questions? Click here to submit an inquiry or call 800-284-1778.

We also welcome your repair stories for our blog! Write to us at stories@chelseaclock.com or Chelsea Clock Blog, 284 Everett Avenue, Chelsea, MA 02150-1598.

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