Workspace and Office Desk Decoration Ideas

Going Back to the Office? Bring a Chelsea Clock with You

Back to the Office
Back to the Office

With much of the world finally moving back towards normal, many employees are returning to the office after months of working from home. Readjusting to office life will have its challenges just like telecommuting did - but a handcrafted Chelsea Clock can help you feel right at home.

A clock is one of those basic things that every workspace requires. Being able to tell time is a must for getting to meetings, presentations and appointments on time. Some people just rely on their computer, phone or watch for the time. However, a luxury clock will enhance a space beyond just its basic time-keeping function.

Use our work office desk décor ideas to add style to your space while staying on top of your daily routine.

Luxury Desk Clocks

Office Desk Decoration Ideas
Office Desk Decoration Ideas

Whether you work in a one-person office, an open office plan or a cubicle, a sophisticated clock is one of the best office desk decoration ideas. They’re especially important for those who spend most or all of their days working at their desk. The right desktop clock will be a refined showpiece for visitors and inspire you with its stately aesthetic as well.

Stylish Desk Clock Ideas

  • Our square alarm office desk clock is easy to set, giving you a heads-up when it’s time for a meeting or lunch break. It’s available in vintage brass and modern nickel finishes.
  • The Presidential Clock in Brass makes any space feel more upscale and elegant. It’s classically styled with a battery-powered movement and mahogany base.
  • A Waterfall Paperweight Clock is an affordable small clock that doubles as a way to secure papers and folders between projects.

Decorative Office Wall Clocks

Putting a clock on the wall helps tie the space together. They’re great for individual offices, conference rooms and reception area. Generally speaking, you should go for a more modern clock to help energize the room.

Another reason for going the wall clock route is grouping. If you have clients in multiple time zones, it’s a smart way to keep track of each one. Make the clocks different sizes and colors so you can distinguish them at a glance.

Popular Wall Clock Ideas

  • The Patriot Clock collection has a nautical theme while being one of our most affordable wall clocks. Patriot Colors Clocks add pop and are an exceptional choice for grouping.
  • The Carbon Fiber Clock in Nickel is a distinct timepiece that has a sleek modern style and evokes the timeless elegance of high-end watches.
  • A Ship’s Bell Clock and Wall Plaque is a classy combination for an executive office that enhances the atmosphere. Get it as a business gift for promotions or accomplishments.
Office Clock and Barometer Set
Office Clock and Barometer Set

Weather Station Clocks for Offices

An office clock and barometer set serves two important functions: tracking the time and the weather. They’re a must for those who hold meetings outdoors or want to know whether to grab a jacket on the way home - or simply appreciate a nautical aesthetic in the workplace. Our maritime clock sets have a clock and barometer next to each other for convenience and refinement.

Decorative Weather Clock Ideas

  • The Master Weather Station has a chrome carbon fiber clock, barometer and East Coast tide instrument mounted vertically on a rich black base for practical beauty.
  • If you want a weather desk clock, our Ship’s Bell Clock and Barometer are available in a variety of finish and base combinations for vintage or contemporary décor.