Ship’s Bell Clock: Perfection in Mechanical Timekeeping

Since the first patented Ship’s Bell Clock left the Chelsea Clock factory in 1900, it has stood as the standard by which all other key-wind mechanical nautical clocks are measured. Still hand assembled by master clock makers in Chelsea, Massachusetts, our signature Ship’s Bell Clock boasts a number of trademark features that include:
  • Heavy, solid forged brass case, hand lacquered and polished to resist tarnish
  • Hinged bezel for easy opening
  • Hand-crafted timekeeping mechanism
  • Patented chiming mechanism, featuring a small leather-covered hammer that produces a rich-sounding bell tone (chimes traditional Ship’s Bellcode)
  • 364 brass parts, many plated with gold to resist corrosion
  • An 11-jewel movement, incorporating tiny gem crystals to reduce friction and wear
  • Deeply-etched, solid brass dial with hand-applied silver finish
  • Five year warranty against defects in material and workmanship

For over 115 years, the Chelsea Clock name has represented perfection in American timekeeping. We offer a full line of Ship’s Bell Clocks in various sizes and metal finishes, including a full complement of hand-finished hardwood bases for desk or mantle display.

Ship's Bell Mechanical Clock on Traditional Base

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