Chelsea Clock Repair and Restoration

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Chelsea Clock, one of America’s oldest and most respected makers of fine clocks, barometers and tide instruments, provides high quality clock repair and restoration services at its headquarters in Chelsea, Massachusetts. All professional services are performed on-site by skilled, certified Chelsea Clock technicians. To ensure expert service, optimum performance and lasting quality, Chelsea Clock recommends that all Chelsea Clock products be returned to our facility for fully-warranted, expert repair and restoration.

As the largest clock repair facility in the United States, Chelsea Clock is proud to service a wide variety of well-known brands. Clocks are thoroughly examined by our onsite technicians before a free estimate is provided. Chelsea Clock Repair Unfortunately, we only repair electric clocks made by Chelsea Clock, and not those made by other manufacturers. For the repair of electric clocks by brands other than Chelsea Clock, you may wish to visit or for a listing of repair personnel or shops.

To help avoid unnecessary returns of non-Chelsea mechanical and quartz clocks, we always ask our customers to first email photos of their timepieces to us at Having images of the front, back and inner workings of the clock beforehand allows our technicians to see what type of movement the piece has and if it can be repaired here at Chelsea Clock.

Among the basic repair services Chelsea Clock provides include the:

  • Disassembling and cleaning of the clock’s working movements/components
  • Replacement and refurbishing of worn or broken components and jewels
  • Fitting and installation of new mainsprings
  • Oiling, regulating and accuracy testing of movements (testing period takes approximately 2 weeks)

Visit for more information about expert Chelsea Clock repair and restoration services and to download a repair quote request form.

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