Chelsea Clock on the Buffalo Dandy blog!

We're so excited to announce that today we're being featured on the Buffalo Dandy blog as part of guest blogger Ben Ewy's "My Favorite Things" series. We're honored to be in such good company alongside Redwing boots and Art Pepper! Ben gives a great historical recap of Chelsea Clock before providing a quick review of our recently launched Patriot Deck collection. "The clocks give you that authentic look you want to keep your man cave repping that authentic vibe," he says.

My favorite is the 6” Mechanical Clock they made for the US Navy. We had one at Nautica, which I almost liberated when I left the company. I am not the only person who loves this model. Look at almost every watch from Bell & Ross, Panerai, Luminox and many others, and I bet they cribbed inspiration from the black face with white numbers, san-serif font, and the shape of the hands. Take a look and I bet you will agree. You know who else loves Chelsea Clock? The Japanese. Whenever I am in Tokyo perusing Americana and vintage stores, the clock on the wall invariably is Chelsea Clock.

Read the full review here and let us know what you think!