The Chelsea Clock Holiday Gift Guide: Corporate Gifts

Throughout the holiday season, we're releasing gift guides to help you make a shortlist for all your gift-giving needs. This week, Chelsea Clock is all business — employee gifts, client gifts, and more. Read on for the Chelsea Clock Corporate Gift Guide. Don't forget to use code CHELSEA20 for 20% off your purchase for Black Friday Weekend, starting Nov. 21!

The business of gift giving goes back millennia, and its origins are often attributed to biblical stories featuring the Three Wise Men and the Magi. But the tradition dates back even further, to when pagans exchanged small presents and lifted their cold, winter spirits with libations over the course of a week beginning December 17 for Saturnalia, a festival to honor the god of agriculture.

Regardless of how the tradition started, you don’t have to shop alone this year. Steer clear of fruit towers and bottles of wine — instead, give a corporate gift that your employees and clients can truly savor, something that will stay with them for generations to come.

Read on for the ultimate corporate holiday gift guide — inspired by Chelsea Clock and perfected with a handwritten note.

Square Desk Alarm Clock, from $270

corporate gift: Square Desk Alarm Clock in nickel by Chelsea Clock

Encourage good habits at home and at the office with the Square Desk Alarm Clock in nickel ($285) or brass ($270). The precision German quartz movement includes an alarm function that’s easy to set. And that keeps cellphones where they belong: out of reach. An alarm clock isn’t just for the bedroom, however. Methods like the Pomodoro technique are touted to increase productivity at all levels by putting a literal time limit on work, and the sweet chime of a Chelsea is just the reward for a job well done.

Ship’s Bell Clock & Barometer Set, from $3,460

corporate gift: Ship's Bell Clock & Barometer set in double base by Chelsea Clock

Peanut butter & jelly, Simon & Garfunkel, you & your client (or partner or top-selling employee or executive assistant) — life is better when full of dynamic duos. A stunning reminder of that is the Ship's Bell & Barometer set on a double base, a winning partnership if ever there were one. Our distinctive Ship's Bell clock — which chimes with gentle but rich bells — finds its companion in the Ship's Bell Barometer, a mariner's tool that foretells changing weather based on atmospheric pressure. It may not be able to take the temperature of a crowd, but this set sure is a crowd pleaser. Available in brass ($3,460) or nickel ($4,160).

Chart Weight Clock, from $140

corporate gift: Chart Weight Clock by Chelsea Clock

The Chart Weight Clock is the ideal blank canvas for all your creative corporate gift giving needs. For a client? Engrave the hand-buffed, solid brass (or nickel finish) with the name of their company. For an employee? Personalize this understated Chelsea classic with their initials. Alternately, for clients or employees on the move, the Chelsea Clock Compass Weight (from $140) will point them in the right direction.

Presidential Clock, $495

corporate gift: Presidential Clock by Chelsea Clock

Score a few big wins with a client this year? Commemorate your achievements with the Presidential Clock, a stately corporate gift–cum–mantle clock that itself reflects significant achievement (in the art of clock making, of course). Packaged in our signature regal blue presentation box, the Presidential is one of our heavy lifters. This is ten pounds of solid craftsmanship, with a hand-finished solid forged brass case and solid mahogany base. The Presidential Clock commands both attention and respect — just like the partnership you're honoring. Look for our U.S. Navy and prestigious institution editions as well.

Duxbury Desk Clock, $255

corporate gift: Duxbury Desk Clock by Chelsea Clock

Clean, modern, stylish: Remind you of anyone? If so, they are well deserving of a Duxbury Desk Clock. Here, simplicity equals sophistication. Bold, black Roman numerals stand out against a white dial for a classic look, while the modern nickel finish brightens up any office space, from boardroom to cubicle.

Want more ideas? We have a variety of contemporary and classic business gifts — and if you need help selecting that special piece or want to personalize it to make it an engraved gift, Chelsea Clock is here for you.