Best Wedding Party Gift Ideas in 2021

Best Gift Ideas for a Wedding Party in 2021

Founded in 1897, Chelsea Clock employs certified master clockmakers that craft luxurious yet pragmatic timepieces for its vast number of clients. Chelsea clocks are an exceptionally thoughtful gift for wedding parties, birthdays and graduations alike.

When debating good gift ideas for wedding party attendees to bring, our shop makes the process simpler with a specific selection just for refined wedding party gifts. This collection provides a clock for every personality, each with their own taste and style.

Wedding Party Gift Collection

Constitution Clock in Brass
Constitution Clock in Brass


While the Chelsea clocks among the wedding party gift products are usually smaller and more affordable than other styles we offer, they offer the signature refined quality that our timepieces are known for. Each Chelsea clock lives up to the standard of the Ship's Bell, which is widely renowned as one of the best mechanical clocks on the market.

As seen in the image above, the Constitution Clock in brass is a wonderful choice for a wedding party gift. Packed with a quartz movement and a solid brass case, this clock gives off a classic, modern look for the exceptional price of $475. This clock will fit right in with any room, desk or ship décor.

Another astounding option for a wedding party gift is the Embassy Clock. This special timepiece has the option to come in either brass or nickel, with the choice of either an Arabic or Roman dial. These clocks have a more modern look than the Constitution, while still managing to capture the classical essence of sophisticated mechanical clocks. With a low starting price of $500, this clock is a triumph for both the giver and recipient of this gift.

Customizable Engraved Timepieces

Engraved Embassy Clock in Brass
Engraved Embassy Clock in Brass


All of the clocks shown in the wedding party gift collection can be completely personalized, which will remind the recipient of their special night every time they look at it.

With the option to engrave a customized message, logo, signature and monogram, Chelsea Clock customers have the ability to personalize a distinguished clock to their heart's content.

Customers may also take advantage of our screen printing capabilities, which allow the option to print a colorful logo on the dial should a certain emblem be meaningful to the couple.

Receiving a Chelsea Clock will make the newly wedded couple's special night all the more memorable.

​Why Chelsea Clock?

With a history dating back to 1897, Chelsea Clock is one of the oldest and largest clock manufactures based in the United States of America. These historic timepieces are built to last, commonly acting as heirlooms passed down for generations due to their durability.

Chelsea Clocks also have the history of being found in many important places: such as U.S. Navy ships, U.S. government desks and even in the White House.

In fact, every U.S. President since Harry S. Truman has had a Chelsea clock on their desk. This alone proves what an honor it is to receive a timepiece from one of the most prestigious clockmakers in the world.

Chelsea Clocks are meticulously crafted and repaired at the corporate headquarters in Chelsea, Massachusetts.