Best Gifts for Your Boss or Employee

When you're searching for a gift for an employee or boss - whether for the holidays or to celebrate a birthday, retirement or other special event - finding the right present can be challenging. It can be difficult to know what your colleague's interests are or what they'll appreciate, so selecting the ideal gift can sometimes feel like a lesson in futility. At Chelsea Clock, we believe finding the best gifts for your boss or employee shouldn't have to be a struggle. The perfect gift is one that is thoughtful, elegant and personal - the perfect gift is a beautiful timepiece.

Why Give a Clock as a Gift?

When you think of presents and gift giving, you might not consider a clock or timepiece first. Clocks are household and office staples that we occasionally take for granted due to their seamless integration into our lives, but they are fixtures that we use constantly, whether we're checking the time or just admiring them. Traditionally, clocks have also been used to make statements about one's personality, wealth or occupation; we pass grandfather clocks down as family heirlooms and wear watches that exemplify who we are.

When it comes to gift giving, a clock is a great way to celebrate the recipient's sense of style and taste while also giving them something that serves a practical function. Clocks can exude elegance and come in a variety of shapes and forms to fit your colleague's needs and lifestyle. With the right clock, your boss or employee can receive a gift that they will cherish for decades to come.

Why Chelsea Clocks?

Clocks from Chelsea Clock represent luxury and elegance, yet they are affordably priced. Our clocks are handcrafted and individually hand-finished and lacquered, so you can rest assured that any gift you purchase from Chelsea Clock is of the highest quality. These are clocks that can be passed down through generations.

Best of all, many of our clocks can be customized to create the perfect keepsake. With our engraving and screen-printing options, we can personalize your gift to create a custom clock that your colleague will treasure. Add the recipient's name, the company name or logo and a personalized message just for them.

Our Picks for Colleague Gifts

Some of our recommendations for the best gifts for colleagues include:

  1. The Square Desk Alarm Clock in Brass - Casual yet elegant and incredibly sleek, the square desk alarm clock is the perfect addition to any office.
  2. The Chart Weight Clock in Nickel - This sophisticated timepiece can be used as a paperweight as well as a clock, allowing it to serve multiple functions.
  3. The Embassy Clock in Brass - Designed classically with precision engineering, this timepiece is an exceptional addition to any décor.
  4. The Athena Clock with White Dial - Featuring a sense of 20th-century elegance, this design is based on a Chelsea Clock design first created in the 1930s.
You'll find a multitude of other beautiful clocks that are perfect for placement on desks, walls and more at Chelsea Clock. Browse all our best-selling clocks as well as our collection of business gifts for additional ideas to help make gift giving easy.