Arches National Park Inspires Unique Chelsea Clock Base

Here at Chelsea Clock we absolutely love hearing personal stories from our customers and fans. Every now and again we come across one that's particularly exciting and inspiring. This is one of those stories. After our most-recent email newsletter went out, we received a note from a Chelsea Clock owner named Paul. Paul had recently visited Arches National Park, in Utah, and the beauty of the sandstone and the wildlife got him thinking about his Chelsea back at home and the passage of time. His thoughtful ruminating inspired the creation of a most-magnificent base for his clock. Below, Paul shares his story in his own words with photos of this unique work of art. Many thanks, Paul! We are both flattered and humbled to be a part of this precious memory.

After a trip this fall to Arches National Park I handcarved this commemorative base. I have been carving wood for more than 40 years. The base is made from cherry. The flowers in the front are prickly pear, which are found at the park, with the cactus on the sides. The grain in the cherry wood is reminiscent of the sandstone crossbreeds at the park. The arches in the base remind me of the natural arches in the park. I named the carving “The Sands of Time.”
I really think that many of our National Parks have a story to tell and the Chelsea Clock could be an important part of that story. I really enjoyed making the base and I did a lot of thinking about the design and form to reflect what I saw and felt at the Park. The Park showed the beauty of the passage of time; what better way to portray that time than with the best clock ever made and thoughtful art that reflects the color, form, botany, and geology of the Park? Being there was so beautiful, and now when I look at my mantel clock I am reminded of that experience. I hope I can help inspire the personal projects of others. Visits to National Parks are often experiences that deserve to be cherished and remembered.

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