Chelsea Clock Blog

Here at Chelsea Clock Company in Chelsea Massachusetts, we have been designing, manufacturing and procuring solid brass, handmade, top quality clocks since 1897. We take a lot of pride in our work and we know our clock owners take a lot of pride in their clocks.

Around here, we have a lot of stories. Clocks and the people who make clocks, repair and restore clocks, and own clocks. Every day we hear another story from a customer about what their clock means to them. And some days the clocks themselves, that come into our factory for repair, tell us stories about where they’ve been – just based on the condition they are in and the restoration touches they require.

We are starting this blog to tell you some of these stories. So you can get a feel for the place these clocks come from and the people here who make them by hand in a long tradition of nautical clock makers. Over the years we have developed new technology, designs, and processes, but the quality remains. And the fact that our clocks continue to work for hundreds of years doesn’t change either.

We are also starting this blog to give you pointers – on how to care for your clock, how to consider clock purchases, what to look for and expect of a quality clock.

We hope you’ll find the blog useful and informative. And we hope you will let us know what you think! Anytime you have a question or comment, you can write to us or Chelsea Clock Blog, 284 Everett Avenue, Chelsea, MA 02150-1598.

Shown Below: Boston Clock, Circa late 1800's made by Chelsea Clock Company's predecessor, Boston Clock Company which operated from 1884-1894..


Antique Chelsea Clock

This rare clock (1 of only 3 known to currently exist in this size) was originally named the “Locomotive” for its use in trains in the late 1800’s.