9 Ways to Incorporate Time into Your Wedding

Your wedding can be timeless with these suggestions from a local weddings editor.

Have an around-the-clock bridal shower: Each guest brings a gift the couple would theoretically use at a specific time of day!

Create a schedule card for family and members of the wedding party. It’ll not only keep everyone on track, but will serve as a nice keepsake as well.

Set up a welcome table with vintage clocks set to specific times. Clip labels to each to signify what’s in store: “Ceremony,” “Cocktail hour,” “First dance,” “Cut the cake,” “Bouquet toss,” etc.

Take pictures in an old clock tower … the ambiance is stunning!

Take photos just before the ceremony… It’s almost time!

Have the groom do the same.

Use vintage clocks set to different times instead of table numbers.

An elegant tabletop clock makes a perfect gift for ‘maids and groomsmen.

These custom champagne glasses from Etsy add a sentimental layer to the champagne toast and can be brought out and reused on each anniversary. Cheers!