6 Ways to Keep your Clock Preserved and Functioning Properly

Follow these tips to keep your clock running perfectly.

1. Always keep clocks out of direct sunlight and away from moisture.

2. If you're planning to be away from your mechanical clock for more than a week, be sure to fully wind both keyholes before you leave. Next you'll want to insert the black tube (provided with the clock’s original packaging) into the winding arbor in the front of the clock to ensure that the clock does not wind down completely. If you have misplaced your black tube you can contact us and we can mail you a replacement or you can cut a plastic straw to fit and insert into the winding arbor.

3. When moving a Ship’s Bell clock, be sure to place a stop tube in one of the winding holes so the mechanism can't advance.

4. Regularly check batteries on quartz clocks for leaks; replace old batteries promptly and remove them if the clock is in storage to prevent damage by battery leaks.

5. To clean smudges from the clock's face, use only a dry cloth to buff the surface.

6. We recommend having mechanical clocks serviced every seven to eight years for cleaning and maintenance.