5 Wedding Gifts Made in the USA

Wedding season is officially upon us! We hope you'll consider supporting American manufacturing by gifting one of the fine selections below -- they're all carefully crafted with love and pride right here in the United States.

1. Wooden Martini Glasses

Designer David Rasmussen handcrafts these beauties in Colorado from black walnut (a better insulator than glass), which not only looks gorgeous but will keep the happy couple's cocktails chilled longer.



2. Custom Vintage Wine Box

Celebrate the genesis of a new family with this regal, hand-made wine box complete with the couple's names, plus their wedding date and location. Handmade in Missouri from Aspen and Baltic birch plywood, this keepsake offers three sliding compartments for a trio of their favorite wines -- perfect for toasting to their special day in the years to come.



3. Street-map barware

Pay homage to the city where they met, fell in love, or bought their first home with beautiful etched barware from the Uncommon Green. Carafes, tumblers, wine glasses, and more are available in a variety of locations.


wine carafe


4. Custom Return-Adress Stamp with Stationery

Thoughtful, stylish, and practical for newlyweds with a ton of thank-you note writing in their near future.

return stamp


5. Custom Engraved Chelsea Clock Chart Weight Compass

We love the thought of engraving the coordinates where the couple met or were wed in this beautiful compass -- which is sure to always help them find their way home.