Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about caring for your Chelsea Clock.  Do you have a question about your clock?  Visit our FAQ page or simply type your question in the comment section below and we will provide you with an answer as quickly as possible. 

Is it possible to over-wind my clock?

No, it is not possible to over-wind a Ship’s Bell or Shipstrike Clock. An under-wound clock will sometimes have an inconsistent chime or may not keep accurate time. When it comes time to wind the clock, be sure to wind both keyholes (clock mainspring and strike mechanism) completely each time (turn the key until you can not turn it any further).

My clock chimes inconsistently. How can I fix this?

More than likely this is caused by not fully winding the clock. To resolve the issue, wind both the clock mainspring (right keyhole) and the strike mechanism (left keyhole) fully. Next, turn the minute hand clockwise to the correct time, stopping at each hour and half-hour point to allow the bells to strike their full count. The hour hand should never be moved manually; all adjustments should be made by moving the minute hand.

How should I care for my clock if I am going on vacation or unable to wind it for extended periods?

If you are not going to be with the clock for over one week, be sure to fully wind both keyholes on the clock. Then insert the black tube into the winding arbor in the front of the clock (provided with the clock’s original packaging). This will ensure that the clock does not wind down completely.  If you have misplaced your black tube you can contact us and we can mail you a replacement or you can cut a plastic straw to fit and insert into the winding arbor.

Need a new clock? 

Chelsea Clock has been handcrafting quality timepieces since 1897. They offer clocks in a variety of styles and price points that are suitable for all types of decor. Their signature Ship’s Bell Clock is a statement piece like no other and would make a great addition to any home, office and/or yacht.

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