Some things are best left up to professionals, but there are a few things you can do at home to maintain your mechanical clock and minimize the need for premature or unnecessary repairs.

1.  Wind Regularly.  

While our clocks will run for more than one week (7 days), we do suggest that you wind the clock the same day each week for consistent time keeping and prevent the strike train from jamming.

2.  Wipe the case often with a soft cloth to keep dust and fingerprints from harming the finish.  

Do not use any polishes or cleaners on the case or dial as this will compromise the protective coatings.  Most paste polishes tend to leave a residue that will have a corrosive effect on the metal of the case, dial and can occasionally get into the movement and harm it.  If a polish is needed for the outside casing we would recommend using a small amount of pledge sprayed on a cloth first – not directly onto the case. 

3.  Monitor the clock’s time keeping.  

While there is a regulator to help with fine tuning your mechanical clock’s time keeping, once adjusted the clock should run well for many years.  If you find the clock needs frequent regulation this may be a sign that the clock needs service.

4.  Never attempt to oil the clock yourself

...Or spray the movement with any type of lubrication as this will cause more harm than good to your clocks movement.

If you encounter any issues, from time keeping to strike problems with your Chelsea Clock , don’t try to fix it yourself.  Call us!  We are here to help and serviceour customer’s needs.  Click here to submit an inquiry or call 800-284-1778.

Our Clock technicians service both new and antique clocks right here at our factory in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Each clock we service is first completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaning process, which removes any old oils and debris from your clock’s working movement. Next, our technicians carefully inspect each component for damage, wear or breakage.  We burnish and polish pivots, replace or restore worn bushing holes and service or  replace mainsprings.  The escapement, which is the heart beat of the clock, is also disassembled and cleaned for service by our senior watch technician who looks for any damaged components that need repair/replacing.  Once all has been fully serviced, we will reassemble the escapement to the movement, regulate, and accuracy-test your instrument for a minimum of two weeks. All repair work is guaranteed for two years. Whether your clock is 5 or 100 years old, our clock technicians will have your clock performing as if it were new.

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