Dating back to the early 1900s, when Chelsea first began making the Ship’s Bell, detailed records have been kept of each Ship’s Bell Clock ever produced by the company. Each Ship’s Bell Clock is individually numbered and then registered prior to leaving the factory. The model numbers are stored within a library of log books, which include not only when the Ship’s Bell Clock was made and who it was sold to, but also holds records of any service work we may have performed on the timepiece. This unchanged, century old process, is an example of how Chelsea Clock has been able to guarantee consistent quality and service for over 100 years.

Ship's Bell Cerificate of Origin

Often a Chelsea Clock is handed down through generations and the inheritor is curious about the clock’s history, or a collector of antiques comes across a Chelsea Clock at an auction and is anxious to determine its age to estimate its value*. Chelsea Clock offers a Certificate of Origin for any Ship’s Bell Clock ever produced by the company.   Each certificate is embossed with a Chelsea Clock stamp of approval and is hand signed by JK Nicholas, President and CEO.

If you want find out how old your Chelsea Clock is or when it shipped from our factory?  If you post a picture of your clock with your serial number on the Chelsea Clock Facebook page we will send you a free Certificate of Origin, a $35 value.  This offer is valid through October 31, 2011 and the oldest clock posted will receive a $250 repair gift certificate to be used on your next repair order at Chelsea Clock.  Post a photo of your favorite clock today.

* Note: Chelsea Clock does not provide clock appraisal services