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The Best Desk Clock Styles for 2021

Best Desk Clock Styles for 2021 Chelsea Clock is America’s foremost clockmaker. We’ve been building tasteful mechanical and quartz custom clocks since way back in the day (since 1897, in fact) for American presidents, dignitaries and other people of note…. Continue Reading →

Nautical-Themed Living Room Décor on a Budget

Time- and Nautical-Themed Living Room Décor Ideas on a Budget If you want to decorate your living room, but you need to adhere to a modest budget, you’ll find plenty of options are available to you. Chelsea Clock can help… Continue Reading →

Chime in a New Year: The Best Wall Clocks 2021

Bring in the New Year with the Best Wall Clocks This last year has been a formidable one. Regardless of how you feel about the year past, a new year can be source of inspiration and hope, uplifting the human… Continue Reading →

The Best Gifts for Husbands on Valentine’s Day

Cupid, with his bow and quiver, hits his mark with precision when he wants to foster love. And just like this mischievous little cherub archer, who takes pride in his aim, Chelsea Clock’s skilled artisans take great pride in the… Continue Reading →

How Do Barometers Work? – How to Read a Barometer

How do Barometers Work? Ever since the barometer was invented in 1643 by Italian physicist Evangelista Torricelli, it has played a critical role in weather forecasting. This scientific instrument remains popular even in the 21st century. But how, exactly, does… Continue Reading →

Some Amazing Facts About Clocks – Clock Trivia

If you’re like most people, you look at and use clocks every day. They help you stay on task and get to where you need to go on time. You probably don’t think much about the inner workings of your… Continue Reading →

Gifts to Let Coworkers Know You Care During COVID-19

The pandemic has changed how the world does business. When it comes to the holidays, office get-togethers and parties will probably look a lot different than they have in the past. But that doesn’t mean you can’t buy unique gifts… Continue Reading →

Best Clocks for Those You Love – Holiday Gifts 2020

Time is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give anyone this holiday season. You may not be able to meet in person for celebrations, but you can ensure they have a refined way to keep track of time… Continue Reading →

How to Clean an Antique Clock Case

Antique clocks are a sought-after crown jewel clock enthusiasts and fans of traditional décor. These elegant mechanical clocks, pendulum clock and early quartz clocks will look impressive in any home. Proper care for old clocks is important. They are valuable… Continue Reading →

How Do You Wind Up a Mantel Clock?

How Do You Wind a Mantel Clock? Many timepieces in the Chelsea mantel clock collection have a mechanical movement. This clock technology dates back to 1300 and is still popular among those who prefer vintage timekeeping. Mechanical mantel clocks need… Continue Reading →

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