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Inner Workings

Chiming In: Decoding the Ship’s Bell Clock Code

Each Ship’s Bell clock is made and assembled by hand at our factory in Chelsea, Massachusetts. It takes up to four weeks to craft each timepiece, which is made with over seven pounds of solid brass and more than 364… Continue Reading →

Local Photographer Nanda Rust Launches Chelsea Clock Exhibit

  Tuesday evening a reception will be held at City Hall to kick off local photographer Nanda Rust’s latest exhibit featuring Chelsea Clock. City Hall stated in a press release: Now is your chance to gain an inside perspective through beautiful… Continue Reading →

Ship’s Bell Clock: Perfection in Mechanical Timekeeping

Since the first patented Ship’s Bell Clock left the Chelsea Clock factory in 1900, it has stood as the standard by which all other key-wind mechanical nautical clocks are measured. Still hand assembled by master clock makers in Chelsea, Massachusetts,… Continue Reading →

The Difference Between Mechanical and Quartz Clocks

Trying to decide between a Chelsea Clock mechanical clock and a quartz clock? The differences between the two mechanisms are vast, and offer distinctly different experiences, depending on your preferences. Yet no matter which mechanism you choose, you can be… Continue Reading →

What is Horology

The history of timekeeping, called the science of horology, is a lens through which we can view the advance of scientific inquiry and some of the influential people and ideas associated with these developments. In future postings I would like… Continue Reading →

An Inside Look at Our Ship’s Bell Mechanism

Here’s a modern look at what’s on the inside of our Ship’s Bell clock — a century-old mechanical timepiece that we’ve been crafting by hand, the same way, since 1900. Although we’ve been making mechanical timepieces the old-fashioned way for… Continue Reading →

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