Admiral Richard Byrd

| 04/09/2009

Chelsea Ship’s Bell Clock from Admiral Richard Byrd’s famous flagship, The City of New York, featured at the Time and Exploration Exhibit at The National Watch and Clock Museum. The exhibit will be live from April 23, 2009 – December 31, 2009.

Link to Exhibit

Chelsea Honors Capt. Phillips at “Maritime Man of the Year” Ceremony

| 03/20/2009

Capt. Richard Phillips, the captain taken hostage by pirates off the coast of Somalia and then freed by the Navy in April, was honored with the “Maritime Man of the Year” award at Massachusetts Maritime Academy on May 20, 2009. JK Nicholas, CEO of Chelsea Clock, presented the captain the award, a Chelsea Ship’s Bell clock, during the ceremony to recognize his leadership and selfless courage.

The Obama Administration Offers Chelsea Clocks as Gifts

| 03/09/2009

The Obama Administration has selected 25 Chelsea Dartmouth clocks, customized with the Presidential seal and his signature, to offer as gifts abroad during his first trip to Europe as President of the United States.

Read Article in Boston Herald

8½” Chelsea Ship

| 01/09/2009

A Classic 8½” Chelsea Ship’s Bell was chosen to keep time on the USS G.H.W. Bush, the United States’ newest and final aircraft-carrier of its kind (CVN-77). The massive vessel measures 1,092 feet long: nearly as long as the Empire State Building is tall.