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How To Wind a Clock: The Ship’s Bell Edition

Though each Chelsea Clock leaves our factory fully wound, if you live outside of the Eastern Standard timezone, have purchased a vintage clock, or have inherited a family heirloom, you may need to initially set the time yourself. If your clock… Continue Reading →

How to Set a Tide Clock

The History of Tide Observance Changes in the tides refer to the periodic rise and fall of sea level due to the gravitational pull of the moon. For those who live and work closely with the sea, monitoring tides has… Continue Reading →

Q&A: A Conversation with Vintage-Auto-Clock Collector Ronald Frank

One of the blessings of modern technology is that we’re able to connect with clock enthusiasts and Chelsea lovers from across the globe and from all walks of life through our different social media channels and our blog. In this instance, we… Continue Reading →

How to Use Military Time

How to Use Military Time Military time is a 24-hour system of telling time — and it’s actually less confusing than you might think. With military time, hours are counted from midnight to midnight, and time is read in 24-hour… Continue Reading →

The Finest Hours Captain Leaves a Lasting Legacy

Not long after The Finest Hours was released in theaters, we received an inquiry that nearly knocked our clocks off (hehe). A young man by the name of Matt Fitzgerald told us he was the grandson of John J. Fitzgerald, the captain of the… Continue Reading →

How to Set A Barometer (and other FAQs)

What is a Barometer?  Barometers are used by scientists, fishermen, boaters, and other weather watchers to monitor changes in atmospheric pressure, or the “weight” of the air. Typically, a change in air pressure signals that the weather is about to change: Rising pressure… Continue Reading →

Remembering the Great Chelsea Fire of 1973

Our resident historian, longtime Chelsea employee John McCarthy, remembers the Great Chelsea Fire of 1973 — the devastating Chelsea blaze that destroyed 18 blocks. Sunday October 14, 1973, was a beautiful fall day, perfect for working outside. At 4 p.m…. Continue Reading →

Orleans Historical Society Discusses Pendleton Clock and Famed Rescue Boat Featured in Disney’s The Finest Hours Film

Since 1907 Chelsea Clock has been the trusted time-keeper of the Navy. But once our clocks leave our factory door, we never know what adventures await. It wasn’t until after the release of Disney’s The Finest Hours that we found out that… Continue Reading →

Remembering the Chelsea Flood of 1985

  Longtime Chelsea employee John McCarthy remembers the disastrous Chelsea Clock factory flood in an essay titled “Everything  was  Floating.“   It was Wednesday August 12, 1985. I was sleeping peacefully just before midnight when my wife woke me with news that there was a security breach at Chelsea Clock. ADT was… Continue Reading →

Inside the Chelsea Ship’s Bell Clock

Here’s a modern look at what’s on the inside of our Ship’s Bell clock — a century-old mechanical timepiece that we’ve been crafting by hand, the same way, since 1900. Although we’ve been making mechanical timepieces the old-fashioned way for… Continue Reading →

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