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How to Host an Olympic Viewing Party

The 31st Olympic Games are underway in Rio, but you can make the most of the festivities from your own home. How? Host an epic Olympic viewing party that your friends will be talking about until the next summer Olympics… Continue Reading →

How do Quartz Clocks Work?

Last month, we explained how mechanical clocks work. While mechanical clock technology came nearly a thousand years before quartz clock technology, both have a place in modern timekeeping. Like mechanical clocks, quartz clocks have gears inside them to push the… Continue Reading →

7 Clock Facts for the Curious Clock Lover

Humans have been using clocks to track the passage of time for thousands of years. With such a rich history of timekeeping, there are many interesting little-known facts about clocks out there. To kick off this discussion, we bring you 7 clock facts… Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Help Save the Ocean Right Now

On Friday, A federal appeals court ruled that the U.S. Navy had been wrongly allowed to use sonar that could harm whales and other marine life during peacetime — effectively banning the use of the technique for training and testing purposes…. Continue Reading →

Nautically Inspired Artwork for the Chelsea Clock Collector

Whether you’re aspiring to own a Chelsea or already have a notable collection, these pieces will pair perfectly with our handcrafted clocks.   “Crashing Waves,” Katie Brennan for Williams-Sonoma With its vibrant blue hues and dark, ever-changing waters, the ocean’s surface… Continue Reading →

How Does a Mechanical Clock Work?

  Here at Chelsea Clock we pride ourselves in making the highest-quality mechanical clocks the old fashioned way. But some of our newer, more accessible models do utilize quartz technology, which leaves many customers wondering: What’s the difference between quartz… Continue Reading →

Chelsea Clock Spotted on Jay Leno’s Garage

For the uninitiated, Jay Leno’s Garage is a web and TV series in which American comedian and television host Jay Leno, former host of the Tonight Show, performs live classic-car and motorcycle reviews out of his “Big Dog Garage” in… Continue Reading →

How To Wind a Clock: The Ship’s Bell Edition

Though each Chelsea Clock leaves our factory fully wound, if you live outside of the Eastern Standard timezone, have purchased a vintage clock, or have inherited a family heirloom, you may need to initially set the time yourself. If your clock… Continue Reading →

How to Set a Tide Clock

The History of Tide Observance Changes in the tides refer to the periodic rise and fall of sea level due to the gravitational pull of the moon. For those who live and work closely with the sea, monitoring tides has… Continue Reading →

Q&A: A Conversation with Vintage-Auto-Clock Collector Ronald Frank

One of the blessings of modern technology is that we’re able to connect with clock enthusiasts and Chelsea lovers from across the globe and from all walks of life through our different social media channels and our blog. In this instance, we… Continue Reading →

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