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Repair and Restoration

Introducing the Ship’s Bell Trade-In Program

Here at Chelsea Clock we understand the timeless value and craftsmanship behind our products, old and new — perhaps better than anyone else. Which is why we’re proud to introduce our new trade-in program for Ship’s Bell and Shipstrike clocks,… Continue Reading →

Five Things to Consider Before Restoring Your Clock

Perhaps you have a beautiful, antique Chelsea timepiece that stopped working years ago. Or maybe you picked up an old clock at a tag sale and just haven’t gotten around to fixing it. No matter what the make, model, or… Continue Reading →

How To Re-Silver A Clock Dial

On some antique or vintage clocks, the solid brass faces were originally engraved and then hand silvered. While cosmetic in nature, the condition of a clock dial can greatly affect its readability so it is important to have your mechanical… Continue Reading →

Chelsea Clock 1918 Timepiece Restoration

If you have ever visited Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia, home of the state’s former governor Westmoreland Davis, you most likely spied a Chelsea Clock Ship’s Bell Clock displayed in a very unusual and interesting way. If not, you owe… Continue Reading →

How to fix a Chelsea Clock Chime

Chelsea clocks use a hammer and gong to produce our trademark sound. The strike hammer rises and falls onto a circular gong in the back of the case. If the sound is not a clean stroke, with a clear ringing… Continue Reading →

Chelsea Clock Repair and Restoration

Guaranteed, Branded Repair for Every Brand of Clock
Save 15% on all Repair Services for a limited time.

Antique Clock Restoration

We specialize in restoring Chelsea Clocks as well as many other antique clock brands to their original appearance. Common antique clock restoration needs include refinish work on clock cases, dials, and hands. Here’s a story of a clock and how… Continue Reading →

How to Fix and Maintain a Chelsea Clock

Some things are best left up to professionals, but there are a few things you can do at home to maintain your mechanical clock and minimize the need for premature or unnecessary repairs. 1.  Wind Regularly.   While our clocks will… Continue Reading →

What to Look For When Your Clock Needs Repairs

Every day we receive clocks that require our care.  A well adjusted clock will run tip top for many years, but like all things requires service from time to time.  We suggest having your mechanical clock serviced every 7-10 years.  Our expert clock technicians provide clock repair and restoration services for both Chelsea and hundreds of other clock brands.  Some of the most common service requests by our customers include…

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