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Stories from Chelsea Clock owners. Stories about the history of Chelsea Clock including vintage clocks and their history

Clockwise: 5 things You Didn’t Know About Keeping Time

It’s Friday, and time to lighten up for the weekend. So in honor of our favorite (work) day of the week, here are some fun facts to impress your date tonight — or, at the very least, your coworkers at… Continue Reading →

Lasting Impressions: Creative Gift Engraving Ideas

A Chelsea timepiece, barometer or compass can be a wonderful, memorable gift for any occasion. And custom engraving can make it an even more personal and thoughtful gift – especially when adding a creative, unexpected touch. Here are just a… Continue Reading →

Chelsea’s History Aboard U.S. Navy Ships

When you choose a Chelsea, you’re getting more than a fine clock – you’re getting a piece of American history. That’s because the Chelsea story is inextricably bound with the history of our nation over the last century, especially the… Continue Reading →

Time Shares: Stories from Friends of Chelsea Clock

Every clock and barometer that arrives in our repair and restoration shop comes with a story. Some are short; some have generations of chapters. But all reflect the deep connections owners have to their cherished Chelsea pieces. Each, in its… Continue Reading →

Celebrating a 122-Year Rivalry: Army vs. Navy

Next week marks the 109th meeting of the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy football teams. While neither team will be heading to a BCS title game – nor will many of these players ever continue their football career beyond college… Continue Reading →

Chelsea Clock on Antique Roadshow

Let’s face it: We all think about picking up that one item at a garage sale or flea market for just a few dollars, only to discover that it’s worth much, much more. See what this Minneapolis bargain shopper happily… Continue Reading →

Johnny Pesky is honored with Chelsea Clock

The Red Sox honored one of its legendary players and former managers, Johnny Pesky, with the gift of a Chelsea Clock “Presidential” timepiece on Saturday April 14, 2012. seventy-five years to the day after he made his Major League debut… Continue Reading →

Remembering the life of George Daniels

This week, the world of horology lost one of the shining lights of our ancient profession. George Daniels died at his home on the Isle of Man in England on October 21. Dr. Daniels defied the contemporary logic of the… Continue Reading →

SeaKeepers Online Auction Helps Protect Our Oceans

Interested in helping to protect and restore our world’s oceans? It’s safe to say, we probably all are. One organization that’s fully dedicated to this worthy cause is The International SeaKeepers Society. This committed group of seafarers and their friends… Continue Reading →

Trains Setting the Standard for Time

As you set the motion of the precise hands of a Chelsea Clock to observe that time has sprung ahead one hour Sunday March 13th, think of the motion of humans traveling to and from towns, cities and states by… Continue Reading →

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