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Stories from Chelsea Clock owners. Stories about the history of Chelsea Clock including vintage clocks and their history

Making Time for Time: Stories from Friends & Clock Collectors

All of us at Chelsea Clock share a genuine passion for and appreciation of beautiful timepieces. Of course, Chelseas top our collective list of favorites.  But we – and many friends of Chelsea – have interests in the designs and… Continue Reading →

Arches National Park Inspires Unique Chelsea Clock Base

Here at Chelsea Clock we absolutely love hearing personal stories from our customers and fans. Every now and again we come across one that’s particularly exciting and inspiring. This is one of those stories. After our most-recent email newsletter went… Continue Reading →

History Lesson | Master Clocks and Slave Clocks

The use of master clocks reached its peak sometime in the mid-20th century. During this time, large offices and factory buildings needed to keep workers on the exact same time schedule. This was achieved by using one master clock that… Continue Reading →

The Finest Hours Captain Leaves a Lasting Legacy

Not long after The Finest Hours was released in theaters, we received an inquiry that nearly knocked our clocks off (hehe). A young man by the name of Matt Fitzgerald told us he was the grandson of John J. Fitzgerald, the captain of the… Continue Reading →

Orleans Historical Society Discusses Pendleton Clock and Famed Rescue Boat Featured in Disney’s The Finest Hours Film

Since 1907 Chelsea Clock has been the trusted time-keeper of the Navy. But once our clocks leave our factory door, we never know what adventures await. It wasn’t until after the release of Disney’s The Finest Hours that we found out that… Continue Reading →

Remembering the Chelsea Flood of 1985

  Longtime Chelsea employee John McCarthy remembers the disastrous Chelsea Clock factory flood in an essay titled “Everything  was  Floating.“   It was Wednesday August 12, 1985. I was sleeping peacefully just before midnight when my wife woke me with news that there was a security breach at Chelsea Clock. ADT was… Continue Reading →

Local Photographer Nanda Rust Launches Chelsea Clock Exhibit

  Tuesday evening a reception will be held at City Hall to kick off local photographer Nanda Rust’s latest exhibit featuring Chelsea Clock. City Hall stated in a press release: Now is your chance to gain an inside perspective through beautiful… Continue Reading →

8 Holiday Gifts for Him

Holiday shopping can be tough — especially when buying gifts for the guy who’s got everything. That’s why this year we’ve made it extra simple by hand picking some of the best unique gifts for men.   1. Edgevale heavy-duty… Continue Reading →

Meet the Chelsea Collector with More than 120 Chelsea Clocks

Chelsea Clock collector Joe Neil moved from Oregon to Hawaii at age 24 and never looked back. From the Island of Kauai he works with its native woods (mainly koa) handcrafting an extensive line of gift items such as picture… Continue Reading →

History Lesson | Chelsea Clock’s Strike of 1918

In the Spring of 1918 the labor movement was well underway in the United States and most manufacturers had resigned to a shorter, 54-hour work week. Although Chelsea Clock had been enjoying healthy profits for nearly a decade and was… Continue Reading →

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